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The Noumenal Void
14.99 € Ref: MP 3326

Glenn THOMSON (Australie)
The Noumenal Void

Référence Origine : MP 3326
CodeBarre : 3426300033260
Durée : 01:17:30

1 - Epsilon (5'03)
2 - Sea Dorian (4'24)
3 - Windfall Light (8'32)
4 - Dream Canopy (5'05)
5 - Blue Grotto (3'11)
6 - Silurian Dream (5'37)
7 - Set Sail Across Blue Mountain (4'03)
8 - Fraoch Eilean (9'02)
9 - The Plenum Void (4'26)
10 - The Noumenal Void (11'02)
11 - The Discovered Art (1'32)
12 - The Inner Path (5'47)
13 - Proust's Slumber (6'32)
14 - Light And Water (3'14)

Glenn THOMSON has spent a lifetime in the service of music. His baptism was the Progressive rock of the Seventies. His first reference points the European electronica of TANGERINE DREAM, VANGELIS or Rick WAKEMAN, and then to jazz and the avant-garde with Joe ZAWINUL, John CAGE and SUN RA. A keyboards player, session musician, producer and film composer, the Australian is uncompromising in his vision and always responsive to its call. "Spidercraft U.F.O." (Musea Parallèle, 2012) is an eclectic mix of Progessive rock, jazz-rock fusion and electronica. The album features a soaring cinematic architecture, anthemic songs and in the words of 2012's Grammy winner for mastering album of the year, Tom COYNE, "The ultimate definition of cool" ! "Artaud's Cane" (Musea Parallèle, 2014) captivates from the opening track, "Silver", charting the challenging life of the French playwright and poet Antonin ARTAUD. "Everyone's Faking", with jazz inflected guitar and saxophone dancing over Sixties-influenced brass lines and sharp lyrics confronts questions of personal authenticity. Devotees of symphonic rock will be enchanted by "Wonders In The Air" with its pastoral grandeur building to a rapturous coda. "Pretty Fools" mixes thundering rock with ultra cool Hammond organ and has one of the best screaming Moog solos we have heard in a long time. The neo Progressive epic, "Face Against The Clouds", tells of a young boy's ability to see the future in the shapes of clouds and is sure to be an enduring favourite. With a gift for storytelling, swooping synths and an impossible to forget chorus, the song reminds us of the keyboards of David SANCIOUS from Jon ANDERSON'S "Animation". "The Goodness Will Prevail" brings jazz and symphonica together in a perfect marriage with saxophone, Chet BAKER trumpet and upright-bass accompanied by piano and horns. "Some Men Are Born" is haunting, reflective electronica. "Fall" is stripped back and lyrically masterful, questioning identity and relationships, wrapped in a rich canvas of harmony and colour. "Humphrey Bogart" challenges all that we know in a collision of experimental chant and improvised lyrics with a plaintive, melodic verse and a gentle nod to THE WHO. "Soar" is a widescreen anthem of power and splendour and has a truly inspired jam to close the album. Special mention should made to the design of Marisa PASSOS who has worked with Glenn THOMSON to create a true work of art rich with liner notes and resources, complimenting the music perfectly and giving the collector something to treasure. Glenn THOMSON combines visionary musicianship with an expansive melodic palette that brings to mind the best of the Progressive rock greats: YES, GENESIS and VANGELIS. Lovers of the symphonic will delight in the magic of "Artaud's Cane". "Memory Babe" (Musea Parallèle, 2014) richly celebrates the traditions of symphonic rock, folk and jazz-rock fusion. Glenn THOMSON has produced a work of rare beauty with a deep and lasting value. The album opens with "Who's Going To Say", a magnificent long form symphonic journey that combines powerful melodies with a startling fusion of styles, reminding us in part of PINK FLOYD, David BOWIE and the best of Sixties, psychedelic folk. "Wishes Of The Earth" is a memorable anthem with sophisticated lyrics and contrasting, jazz inflected verses leading to an open, driving chorus with a beautifully cinematic sound. "Walk The Course" is Glenn THOMSON showing us again how pop and electronica can combine into concentrated, symphonic rock that is bound to win new fans. In "Common Ground", we have a ballad of delicate beauty resolving into a powerful and original Hammond organ, choral rock out that will leave you inspired and wanting more. The title track, "Memory Babe", is another symphonic masterpiece. The instrumental fuses mediterranean folk with evocative middle-eastern flavours, echoing VANGELIS and Peter GABRIEL, before resolving into an uplifting, high geared, virtuoso rock out, with incredible melodies and driving beats. The piece, a meditation on memory and its power to transport and transcend, concludes with a stunning orchestral coda. "Holy Bright" is a jazz-rock fusion sensation. The Rhodes solos are some of the most inspired we have heard, leading to a magnificent and elevating conclusion. "Babylon" takes a collaboration with the Welsh born, Paris based artist and poet, PANMELYS, to a whole new level. PANMELYS is the legendary host of the Sunday afternoon tea parties at the Shakespeare And Company bookshop in Paris. Featuring an extract from her work, "The Chant", Glenn THOMSON has created a Progressive pop-rock portrait of language and its power to inspire. Beautifully packaged, with artwork and design by the award winning Marisa PASSOS, "Memory Babe" is an unmissable, soon to be classic, album. "The Noumenal Void" (Musea Parallèle, 2016) began life as a soundtrack to the French Art's Documentary feature "The Poetry Of Illusion", but quickly became something more. In many ways, it is a soundtrack to the vast and unbounded potential that lies at the heart of what it is to be creative in our world. A gateway, a door, a portal to that wider sense of being we all can discover and cultivate. Inspired by the Golden Age of electronica, this piece of work has its lineage firmly within the works of Jean-Michel JARRE, VANGELIS and TANGERINE DREAM. It is both highly melodic and yet not afraid to explore the extended electronic minimalism found within the tradition of holy minimalism. Not to be missed !

Glenn THOMSON a passé toute sa vie au service de la musique. D'abord avec le rock Progressif des Seventies. Ses premières influences pointent vers la musique électronique européenne de TANGERINE DREAM, VANGELIS ou Rick WAKEMAN, puis vers le jazz et l'avant-garde de Joe ZAWINUL, John CAGE et SUN RA. En tant que claviériste, musicien de studio, producteur et compositeur de musiques de films, l'Australien défend une vision sans compromission et à l'écoute des tendances. "Spidercraft U.F.O." (Musea Parallèle, 2012) est une fusion éclectique de rock Progressif, jazz-rock fusion et musique électronique. L'album recèle une architecture cinématique planante, des chansons à l'ancienne et pour reprendre les mots de Tom COYNE, lauréat des Grammy Awards 2012, "La définition ultime du cool" ! "Artaud's Cane" (Musea Parallèle, 2014) parvint à captiver dès l'ouverture, dépeignant la vie passionnante du dramaturge et poète français Antonin ARTAUD. Mention spéciale au design du livret signé Marisa PASSOS, l'artiste ayant travaillé avec Glenn THOMSON afin de créer une véritable oeuvre d'art regorgeant de notes, complément idéal à la musique. Bref, un véritable trésor pour les collectionneurs. Les amateurs de musique symphonique vont s'immerger avec délices dans l'univers de "Artaud's Cane". "Memory Babe" (Musea Parallèle, 2014) célèbre avec faste les traditions du rock symphonique, du folk et du jazz-rock fusion. Glenn THOMSON a produit une fois encore une oeuvre d'une grande beauté, à la valeur profonde et intemporelle. Le titre "Babylon" est le fruit d'une collaboration avec le poète et artiste parisien PANMELYS, qui a su apporter une dimension supérieure à la musique. PANMELYS n'est autre que la légendaire Maîtresse de Cérémonie des tea-parties du dimanche après-midi à la librairie Shakespeare And Company dans la capitale française. En se servant d'une de ses poésies, "The Chant", Glenn THOMSON a élaboré un portrait pop-rock Progressif du langage, et de son pouvoir d'inspiration. Magnifiquement illustré par la réputée artiste Marisa PASSOS, "Memory Babe" a tout d'un future classique. "The Noumenal Void" (Musea Parallèle, 2016) a vu le jour sous la forme d'une musique illustrant le documentaire "The Poetry Of Illusion", traitant de l'Art Français. Ce nouvel opus est rapidement devenu quelque chose de différent. De bien des manières, il s'agit là de la bande originale du vaste potentiel se situant au coeur de la créativité de notre monde. Une entrée, une porte, un portail vers ce sens élargi de l'existence, que nous pouvons tous découvrir et cultiver. Inspirée par l'Age d'Or des musiques électroniques, cette oeuvre affirme fièrement appartenir à la lignée initiée par Jean-Michel JARRE, VANGELIS et TANGERINE DREAM. Elle est à la fois extrêmement mélodique, sans pour autant délaisser l'exploration du minimalisme électronique, lui-même émanant des musiques sacrées. A ne surtout pas manquer !