KANSAS - Always Never The Same

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"Our style, through its numerous dispositions and facets, is a fusion of energy and serenity, a medley of ideas born from one of the most hostile environment towards music. From the start, we consider ourselves as different and we hope to stay so forever. We are (from) Kansas, KANSAS is a band !". By these lines written on the sleeve of their first album, all was said. Led by the pair Kerry LIVGREN and Steve WALSH, respectively guitarist and vocalist-keyboards player, the music of the quintet is dominated by high-pitched vocal harmonies and Robbie STEINHARDT's violin. Their style is actually characterized by long suites that sparkle with lyricism, brilliantly blending acoustic passages and sheer energy. Furthermore, KANSAS succeeds in putting together two normally opposed elements: British sophistication and American exuberance. This unclassafiable originality surprisingly met a huge success in its own country. As many other local groups of that era, KANSAS could develop throughout their first albums (Eponymous in 1974, then "Masque" and "Song For America" in the same year) a musical quality approaching perfection, whose peak was reached with the exceptional "Leftoverture" in 1976. This album includes the hit "Carry On Wayward Son", five minutes that manage to bring together a very catchy chorus and immediately recognizable guitar riffs, with a long often changing instrumental ride. The B-side ends in supreme achievement with "Magnum Opus", a monster suite from any viewpoint: it combines YES-like virtuosity and sophistication with an innumerable number of rhythm breaks. Both a physical and instrumental performance ! In 1977, in spite of the international mega-hit "Dust In The Wind", the album "Point Of Know Return" shows the band at the end of the road. After the superb live album "Two For The Show", "Monolith" (1979) presents KANSAS having the hang of their style for a less ambitious music, in the wake of numerous bands blending growing neo Progressive rock and A.O.R. "Audio-Visions" and "Vinyl Confessions" confirm this trend that will be lasting throughout the Eighties. This will even lead KANSAS to be one of the greatest stadium bands. One recent reforming that gave "Freaks Of Nature" (1995) did not bring back all the expected fans. With "Always Never The Same" (1998), the band tried the difficult challenge of the cover-album, which it achieved quite well. The sound of "Somewhere To Elsewhere" (2000) takes back to the Seventies, which certainly pleases the connoisseurs. To date, KANSAS remains an absolutely essential band in Progressive rock at the largest scale.