EYE 2 EYE - The Light Bearer

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EnglishFGBG 4978FGBG 49783426300049780
1 - The Light Bearer - (10'39)

2 - Home - (4'15)

3 - Standing On The Edge - (7'06)

4 - One Way In... - (2'41)

5 - October Rain - (10'19)

6 - Ghosts - Part One - (7'44)

7 - Two Ways Out - (1'45)

8 - Crossing The Mirror - (10'08)

EYE 2 EYE has been founded in the 2003 on the ashes of ADN by Philippe BENABES and Didier PEGUES. After "One In Every Crowd" (2006) and "After All..." (2009), nominated by the ProgAwards that same year, "The Wish" (Musea, 2011) marks a watershed for the group that sign here its first concept-album, inspired by Oscar WILDE's "Picture Of Dorian Gray". Neo Progressive and floydian influences from the early days, make way for a more personal identity, helped by the voice of Djam ZAIDI (TRANSPERCEPTION), the flamboyant guitars of Amirouche ALI BENALI, the swirling keyboards of Philippe BENABES and Elise BRUCKERT's magical violin, backed by the solid rhythm of Aymeric DELTEIL (Bass) and Didier PEGUES (Drums & keyboards). Here, all songs are strung together to form a single musical entity of more than 69 minutes. The story of Dorian GRAY is seeking both dark and light and only the contrasts of Progressive rock music could pay tribute to this classical masterpiece ! Lose yourself in this mesmerizing London of the late XIXth Century... With "The Light Bearer" (Musea, 2017), EYE 2 EYE finally comes out of a silence that lasted five years. However, this wait will not have been in vain, since after a few personnel changes, EYE 2 EYE proves to us that it has lost nothing of its verve. The neo Progressive influences of the past are less evident, to leave room for others, more symphonic. The vocals, now held by Michel CERRONI, are deep and lyrical, while the arrangements are even further polished. A string quartet brings a bit of novelty as well. "The Light Bearer" is a very nice surprise !