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InstrumentalFGBG 4977FGBG 49773426300049773
1 - Time's Tune (I. Breeze Borealis) - (5'54)

2 - Time's Tune (II. A Run Around The Block) - (3'13)

3 - Time's Tune (III. Jettatura) - (3'44)

4 - Time's Tune (IV. Good Night Littre Bear...) - (1'12)

5 - African Dance n°3 - (4'15)

6 - Pastoral Idyl (I. Part I) - (2'12)

7 - Pastoral Idyl (II. Lemon Tree) - (6'48)

8 - Pastoral Idyl (III. Reaching The Stars) - (4'23)

9 - Pastoral Idyl (IV. To The Girl Of The Moon) - (1'50)

10 - Pastoral Idyl (V. Part II) - (6'03)

Led by keyboards player Jean-Louis BUCCHI, SPEED LIMIT was an ephemeral band in the French jazz-rock fusion scene, in the middle of the Seventies. Regarding its members, one could wonder why it was gone virtually without a trace. The names of Yochk'o SEFFER (Saxophonist in ZAO), Jannick TOP (Bassist in MAGMA), George JINDA (American drummer with hungarian origins who will find fame in SPECIAL EFX), Joël DUGRENOT (Bassist in CLEARLIGHT) or Michel RIPOCHE (Violinist in ZOO), among others, should have been enough to attract attention. And listening to the two only albums by SPEED LIMIT will surely point out how unfair this is ! Published in 1974, the self-titled first album develops an excellent brand of jazz-rock fusion, typical of this era. Twelve months later, the band chose a slightly different approach, more diverse, especially with the inclusion of strings. Another major element is the presence of an early version of the future MAGMA track "Soleil D'Ork", performed by Jannick TOP's fuzz-bass, and here named "African Dance n°3". Better late than never: these Musea reissues could help SPEED LIMIT gaining the notoriety it deserved during all these years !