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In the middle of the Nineties, RIVENDEL had only released two albums, despite ten years of existence: "Manifesto" (1990) and "The Meaning" (1996). It's even worse if you consider the band on a thirty years period, with three releases only in the end. This clearly shows the care the Spanish band brings to each one of its works ! "The Meaning" (Musea, 1996) is made of three long suites (Split in many sequences), for three different languages: English, French and of course Spanish. This is a well-crafted Progressive rock music, with complex constructions alternating sung sequences and instrumental ones, harmonious passages and stronger ones where keyboards and guitars share the forefront. Two decades after "The Meaning", it is with a mix of joy and incredulity that one discovers "D.H.D." (2015), the third effort by RIVENDEL. Skepticism fades away immediately after the first notes of the epic-suite "Dicebamus Hesterna Die". The trio has completely forgotten the neo Progressive trend of its beginnings, to explore with enthusiasm the darkest territories of experimentation. PULSAR, Robert FRIPP, the Scandinavian School, not to mention Zeuhl music, never seem too far away... Another interesting point is the absence of drums, only compensated by discreet percussions here and there. All of this contributes to make this music a captivating journey, from start to finish !