VIOLETA DE OUTONO - Live At Rio ArtRock Festival 1997

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VIOLETA DE OUTONO is a Brazilian outfit formed in 1984 on guitarist-vocalist Fabio GOLFETTI's initiative, that has fed on psychedelic winds of the early Seventies and mind-blowing rock of the end of that era. This autumnal violet found there a fragrance of mysticism and cosmic delirium. "Eclipse" was recorded live in 1986, and was completed by two studio tracks from 1988. It featured a few well-chosen covers such as PINK FLOYD's "Interstellar Overdrive" or GONG's "Blues For Findlay", two major influences for the band. About twenty years later, VIOLETA DE OUTONO is still alive. After an attempt experiencing the concert with symphonic orchestra, the musicians were back in the following year with "Volume Seven" (2007), jointly released by the Musea and Rock Symphony labels. Including eight titles written between 1993 and nowadays, recorded within only two days during april 2007, this new opus won't shock the connoisseurs. A certain propensity to write sober and subtle songs, with slow progressions and quasi-minimalist instrumentation, led by lyrical guitars and Hammond organ. Time and maturity definitely make this album the best ever produced by VIOLETA DE OUTONO. Surely that, if CAMEL had chosen the psychedelic way rather than Progressive rock, it would quite probably have resulted in that opus. To be discovered !