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This duo featuring keyboardist Erik NORLANDER and guitarist Mark Mc CRITE, helped by some guests, alternates sung tracks and instrumental themes. Their melodious, elaborated Progressive rock is characterized by the use of numerous keyboards including a Mellotron, polished, clear and sophisticated vocals and a refined and elaborated orchestration. Respectively recorded in 1993 & 1995, "Earthbound" and "Brutal Architecture" alternate cleverly instrumental and non instrumental pieces, and may be compared with EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER or ASIA, with more musical ambition. "Live Bruchsal" is an excellent video, with a remarkable production work. After the live album "Earth Below And Sky Above" captured in 1998 with female vocalist Lana LANE, "Oblivion Days" was released during the following year. The latter makes it among the major releases of 1999, blending naturally influences of KING CRIMSON, PINK FLOYD or YES... That venture was interrupted after this very promising opus, leaving space for solo carriers of the different musicians, and starts again after eight lengthy years with "Revolution Road" (2007). This ambitious double-album conforts us about THE ROCKET SCIENTISTS, who don't only reaffirm themselves on the crowded Progressive rock scene, but probably also offer their best album to date, as a candidate to the best album of 2007. No less ! "Looking Backward" is a box including four CDs and one DVD, as well as a luxurious and extensive 64 page booklet. It comprises the three first studio albums, that had been sold out, in remasted versions. The fourth CD contains unreleased recordings, and the DVD nearly two hours of images. Essential !