QOPH - Freaks

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Under the curious name of QOPH actually hides a very interesting Swedish band that plays Progressive rock. Much inspired by the great masters of British Progressive rock of the Seventies, its music contains nice psychedelic touches and some powerful stoner-rock. Brilliant vocal harmonies are to be heard as well as superb guitar solos, mind-blowing electronic sounds, lots of keyboards parts (Moog, Mellotron...), with a general outstanding mastery and virtuosity. The first album "Kalejdoscopiska Aktiviteter" (1998) takes advantage of the elegance of the Swedish language, whereas its follow-up "Pyrola" (2004) adopts English and many KING CRIMSON-like riffs. This second effort definitely puts QOPH among the leaders that need most attention. That means that you should not miss them whatsoever.