KC - Les Chants De Maldoror

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Take a solitary musician fan of tortured music, give him an obscure literary work and watch what happens. Even though it doesn't quite reach the level we hope for, the best compromise has perhaps been found by KC, a talented Parisian composer and multi-instrumentalist. "Les Chants De Maldoror" (2002) is his first album and takes its title from the controversial novel of the Count De LAUTREAMONT (Alias Isidore DUCASSE). However, appearances can be deceiving: even if KING CRIMSON (Latest line-up) immediately appears to be the inspiration for this album, it didn't directly influence the choice of the name that Pierrick GARREAU chose for himself. UNIVERS ZERO and HELDON can by the way, be named as other possible comparisons. The difficult part consisted in rendering the original violence of those texts without using them directly. Indeed, if some original extracts are mentioned in the booklet pages, the music itself is completely instrumental ! It is an occasion to hear remarkable worrying atmospheres, gothic ambiences, but paradoxically, the whole remains incredibly melodic and flowing. An added challenge, easily won !