TEE - Trans-Europe Expression

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InstrumentalFGBG 4892FGBG 48923426300048929
1 - Stromboli - (6'39)

2 - Rhodanus - River To The Ocean - (6'56)

3 - Intersection - (7'58)

4 - Flying Roses - (7'31)

5 - Gordes - (11'37)

6 - Endeavour - (6'07)

TEE is a present Japanese band, made of five musicians on keyboards, flute, guitar, bass and drums. Jointly published on the Musea and Poseidon labels in the year 2009, "The Earth Explorer" features instrumental music (With voices used as instruments) developed into six mid-long pieces, around 7 to 8 minutes. It's a lively, dynamic Progressive rock music, with numerous flute parts played by a virtuoso (Kenji IMAI), and suggestive, dominating keyboards. Think of Seventies' CAMEL, PREMIATA FORNERIA MARCONI or VERMILION SANDS, and you'll have an idea of this beautiful, melodious pieces. TEE, like KENSO, also includes jazz-rock hints and rhythms. "The Earth Explorer" is played with enthusiasm, and succeeds in mixing the Seventies feeling with a modern production. The second opus "Trans-Europe Expression" (Musea, 2012) could have been a tribute to KRAFTWERK, but the music featured here is quite different. The recipe of the first album has been kept and bettered, an instrumental brand of Progressive jazz-rock fusion cooked with patience and talent. Let's just notice a new ingredient added for good measure on the track "Intersection": female voices, melodic to the bone. Here are six long pieces, to be tasted with pure enjoyment only ! The title of the third album, "Tales Of Eternal Entities" (Musea Parallèle, 2016), remains faithful to the three letters making TEE. Faithful also to the musical style, the construction of the album (Six instrumental pieces), and of course, to the superior quality level dear to the japanese band. Splendid !